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Dec 16, 2021

Myja is in Western Slovakia

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An area of Myjava lies in border between Slovakia and Moravia (Czech Republic). Myjava is a beautiful town lying in the fold between the hilly environments in north-west Slovakia. There is magnificent nature, hills, forests, rich fauna and flora. Myjava with its population of 12 655 citizens and 12 544 993 m² area belongs to Trenčín County. Myjava region (with villages and suburbs) has 29 938 population and 326.55 km² area.

The city of Myjava lies on the Myjava Upland, which is on the border between Slovakia and Moravia (part of Czech Republic). Myjava as a village was founded in 1586. First settlers, which appeared there, were escaping in the face of Turks from southern parts of Slovakia. Some time after, the second settlers were inhabitants of Trencin and Orava. There were not easy conditions to live, but these conditions were forming relationship between people living there and this region, village, ecclesia. People living there did not agree with subjection. The result of this disagreement was attendance at 4 antihabsburgs uprisings. Therefore, Myjava became famous in middle Europe in 17th and 18th centuries. Myjava was still colonized after year 1586, which is certified by evidence of Moravians from the year 1652. In this time the most famous human was evangelistic bishop Daniel Krman, who all his life initiated into uplift evangelistic religion there. His biggest merit was building of evangelic church, which was built in 1711. This building has still stood in the center of Myjava, but it is repaired. Except this church Daniel founded 3 guilds. The symbol of ending religious fighting, which leads to subduction of evangelic church in favor of Roman Catholic ecclesia, is new evangelic church, which was built in 1758. The tower was built out in 1856. This tower is dominant of past and present Myjava. Myjava became part of middle-European and Slovak history for the second time in 1848, when because of J.M.Hurban and some others nationalists, this village involved into national-liberal offensive. The result of this offensive was the first Slovak uprising. In the 19th of September in 1848 Slovak national council was confirmed by attendant people. Slovak national council was the first establishment in the history of Slovak Republic. It had a political and military force. This council was sitting in the house of Mrs. Koleny, which is now a part of museum of Slovak national council. Decrease of handicrafts in 19th century was connected to national and economic subjection. Consequently, there was big emigration to USA, Canada and Argentina. The most people from Myjava were settled down in the biggest cities as a New York, Chicago, Pittsburg and Cleveland, but also in smaller cities in states of New York, Pennsylvania, North Dakota and Texas. But the biggest centre of emigrated Slovaks was Little Falls in the state of New York. Big development was in 1955, when in the 1st of April Myjava became city, and new villages were founded as Brestovec, Stará Myjava, Poriadie, Rudník, Jablonka and Polianka. In 1960 Myjava became a part of Senica region. Myjava and Turá Lúka merged in the 1st of January in 1980 and in 1996 Myjava became again a region.

It is possible to get in by car through speedways D1 from Malacky or D2 from Nové Mesto nad Váhom or Piešťany. Another possibility is train but the disadvantage is that you have to transmit in Nové Mesto nad Váhom. You can get in by bus too.

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