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Infinite Frontier


Dec 16, 2021

Infinite Frontier is a relaunch by the American comic book publisher DC Comics of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero comic book titles in 2021. It is the follow-up to the 2016 DC Rebirth relaunch. The relaunch and event was shepherded by writer Joshua Williamson.[1]

Infinite Frontier

Title logo for Infinite Frontier #0
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Publication date March 2, 2021
Main character(s) DC Universe
Creative team
Written by Various
Artist(s) Various

. . . Infinite Frontier . . .

Infinite Frontier begins after the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, Generations and Future State.

The DC Multiverse has expanded into a larger “Omniverse” where everything is canon and it will still deal with the repercussions of DC Rebirth.[2]

The new Multiverse has two opposite worlds that represent the Metaverse and sustain the balance: one is the Elseworld, and the other is Earth Omega, where Darkseid is imprisoned.

In the new status quo, all of DC history “counts” when understanding a character’s backstory, and legacy and history within the franchise is being emphasised by editorial mandate, with many characters now sharing the same codenames. For example, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain share the Batgirl title, while Oracle (Barbara Gordon) reserves the right to also wear the Batgirl costume from time to time. Jonathan Kent and his father Clark Kent are both Superman, while Conner Kent is once again Superboy. Wally West has stepped up as primary Flash while Barry Allen joined multiversal team Justice Incarnate. While Diana of Themiscyra continues in her role as Wonder Woman from the afterlife, her mother Hippolyta serves in Wonder Woman’s place on the Justice League, and her sister Nubia explores the idea of succeeding Diana as Wonder Woman. In another example of a relaxed approach to codename sharing among legacy characters, there are now three Robins: Tim Drake is officially Robin once again, alongside newcomer Maps Mizoguchi, while the previous Robin (Damian Wayne) continues to head up the Robin comic book without an official codename.

The soft relaunch and new approach to history also completes what began with DC Rebirth in restoring the status quo of characters prior to popular New 52 changes, re-establishing characters’ memories and relationships with each other, while selectively retaining some of the simplified backstories from the modern era and many of the new characters. An example of this is Tim Drake once again serving as Robin.

. . . Infinite Frontier . . .

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