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Legendary Wars


Dec 15, 2021

Legendary Wars is an iOSstrategy game developed by American studio Liv Games and released on January 27, 2011. It was followed by Monster Wars on January 27, 2012, and Stellar Wars on November 13, 2013.[1][2] The game was unable to be updated to work with iOS 11 or above devices by Liv Games, but sometime in 2019, Liv Games gave GameClub the rights to work on an updated version of the game, where it would be a launch title for GameClub.

2011 video game
Legendary Wars
Developer(s) Liv Games
Engine Cocos2d
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release January 27, 2011
Genre(s) Real-Time Strategy
Mode(s) Singleplayer

. . . Legendary Wars . . .

In Legendary Wars, there are a few different gamemodes, most of which utilize the progression that characters can receive. The main campaign includes at least one level of all of the gamemode styles except Arena.

The first and main gamemode of Legendary Wars are the Castle Defense sections. In these, you start with a castle to defend, and you choose what units do you want to bring, so long as you unlocked them. To train units, you need to collect gems from Miners, who can be summoned and will bring back gems after a few seconds, by then you collect the gems by tapping it or by letting the miners run back to the castle to deposit them automatically, which takes longer than manually tapping the gems. After clicking on a unit icon with sufficient gems a unit will be trained and that unit will enter a cooldown before you can train that specific unit again. You are able to control where those units can go, and you can give commands to units to move forward, stay back, or retreat, and these commands are either applied only to that specific unit type if selected, or to all units if you have not selected a unit. Each unit also has a special ability, which uses essence points earned by killing enemies, that perform different effects.

The side modes include a Sidescrolling mode where you do certain objectives with a set unit that constantly moves towards a direction, an Arena mode where you can only train each unit once and you have to kill a specific number of enemies, and more.

Progression involves two currencies earned by playing any mode: Gems and Moonstones.

Gems are the primary currency earned through gameplay and they are used to upgrade unit stats, essence, and the castle health. Moonstones are rarer, as they are only awarded once in certain levels per campaign difficulty playthrough, or once for every milestone hit in the sidemodes playable from the modes menu. Moonstones are used for more crucial and gamechanging upgrades, which include upgrading a unit’s tier, unlocking certain units, unlocking a different ability and more stat upgrades, certain castle upgrades, or improved spells. Upgrades will affect any gamemode except sidescrollers, where the unit provided will always have the same stats.

Beating the game once will unlock the next difficulty, which is more akin to a New Game Plus mode than a traditional difficulty setting, and will go up to Monster difficulty, the fourth difficulty level. Each new difficulty raises the damage and health of enemies, but in return, give you an opportunity to earn more moonstones.

. . . Legendary Wars . . .

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