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Eastern Romance languages


Dec 14, 2021

Eastern Romance
Balkans and part of Eastern Europe
Linguistic classification Indo-European

Glottolog None
Language family
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The Eastern Romance languages[1] are a group of Romance languages. Today, the group consists of the Daco-Romance[1] subgroup, which comprises the Romanian language (Daco-Romanian), Aromanian language and two other related minor languages, Megleno-Romanian, and Istro-Romanian.[2][3][4]

Some classifications also include the extinct Dalmatian language (otherwise included in the Italo-Dalmatian group) as part of the Daco-Romance subgroup,[5][6][7] considering Dalmatian a bridge between Italian and Romanian.[8][9]

Traditionally, according to Walther von Wartburg, the whole of Italo-Romance south of the La Spezia–Rimini Line is included in Eastern Romance.

. . . Eastern Romance languages . . .

Note: the lexicon used below is not universally recognized

Istro-Romanian[10][11][12] Aromanian[13][14] Megleno-Romanian[15] Romanian Italian Spanish Portuguese French Latin source English
pićor cicior picior picior gamba (pierna) perna jambe petiolus/gamba leg
kľeptu cheptu kľeptu piept petto pecho peito poitrine pectus chest
bire ghine bini bine bene bien bem bien bene well, good
bľerå azghirari zber zbiera/a rage ruggire rugir rugir rugir bēlāre/rugīre to roar
fiľu hilj iľu fiu figlio hijo filho fils filius son
fiľa hilje iľe fiică figlia hija filha fille fīlia daughter
ficåt hicat ficat fegato hígado fígado foie fīcātum liver
fi hire ire a fi essere ser ser être fuī/esse/sum to be
fľer heru ieru fier ferro hierro ferro fer ferrum iron
vițelu yitsãl vițål vițel vitello (ternero) vitelo veau vitellus calf
(g)ľerm iermu ghiarmi vierme verme verme (gusano) verme ver vermis worm
viu yiu ghiu viu vivo vivo vivo vivant vīvus/vīvēns alive
vipt yiptu vipt cibo (vitto) comida (victo) comida (vitualha) victuaille (archaic) victus food, grain, victuals
mľe(lu) njel m’iel miel agnello (cordero), añal (archaic) cordeiro agneau agnellus lamb
mľåre njare m’ari miere miele miel mel miel mel honey

. . . Eastern Romance languages . . .

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. . . Eastern Romance languages . . .