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List of mayors of Hamburg


Dec 11, 2021

The following is a chronological list of mayors of Hamburg, a city-state in Germany. The mayors are the head of the city-state, part of the government of Hamburg. Since 1861, according to the constitution of 28 September 1860, the state has been governed by the ten-member Senate, which had previously been called the council (in the German language of that time: Rath). It is headed by the First Mayor of Hamburg (German title: Erster Bürgermeister der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg) as the President of the Senate. The deputy is the Second Mayor.

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  • Constitutional Court
    Hamburgisches Verfassungsgericht
  • Administrative courts
    Hamburgisches Oberverwaltungsgericht
    Verwaltungsgericht Hamburg
  • Courts of Justice
    Hanseatisches Oberlandesgericht
    Landgericht Hamburg
    8 Amtsgerichte
  • Finance Court
    Finanzgericht Hamburg
  • Labor courts
    Landesarbeitsgericht Hamburg
    Arbeitsgericht Hamburg
  • Social court
    Landessozialgericht Hamburg
    Sozialgericht Hamburg

For much of its history, Hamburg was a free imperial city and later a sovereign state; the position of First Mayor historically was equivalent to that of a sovereign head of state. In the 1871–1918 German Empire, the Hamburg First Mayor was equivalent to the federal princes of the 23 German monarchies (4 of whom held the title of King and the others holding titles such as Grand Duke, Duke or Sovereign Prince). Since 1918, the position is equivalent to that of the ministers-president of the (West) German states.

Prior to World War I, the two mayors were elected for one-year terms. Until 1997, the First Mayor was primus inter pares among, and was elected by, the members of the Senate. Since then, the Hamburg Parliament (German: Hamburgische Bürgerschaft) has elected the First Mayor; the First Mayor is able to appoint and dismiss other Senators.

. . . List of mayors of Hamburg . . .

The function of burgomaster (mayor) was usually held simultaneously by three persons, serving as an executive college. One of the three being burgomaster in chief for a year, the second being the prior burgomaster in chief, the third being the upcoming one. Therefore, sometimes up to three names are mentioned for one year, since the names of the three appear in deeds, signed with or mentioning their names. The names in the list from 1239 until 1820 were archived in a book by Johann August Meister (1820). This is an incomplete list of burgomasters and uses the spelling in Meister’s book, which is preserved in the Hamburg state library. After 1820 the list were added by hand.[1] On 6 August 1806 Hamburg gained sovereignty as an independent country. From 1811 to 1814 Hamburg was part of France in the Bouches-de-l’Elbe.[2]

If another reference is not noted, all mayors are taken from: Domizlaff. Das Hamburger Rathaus.

Name Image In office Note
Hartwicus de Erteneborch 1293
Werner de Metzendorp 1293
Johann Miles 1300
Henricus Longus 1300
Johann, filius Oseri 1300
Johann de Monte 1325
Henricus de Hetfield 1325
Nicolaus Fransoisser 1341
Nicolaus de Monte 1341
Hellingbernus Hetvelt 1341
Johann Horborch 1343
Thidericus uppen Perde 1343
Johann Militis 1347
Hinrich Hoop 1350
Thidericus uppen Perde 1350
Henricus de Monte 1356
Henricus Hoyeri 1361 Also known as Hein Hoyer
Bertrammus Horborch 1366
Werner de Wighersen 1367
Ludolfus de Holdenstedte 1375
Christian Militis 1378 Also known as Kersten Miles
Henricus (Heino) Ybing 1381
Johannes Hoyeri 1389
Marquard Schreye 1319
Meinard Buxtehude 1397
Hilmar Lopow 1401
Johann Lüneborg 1411
Henricus de Monte 1413
Henricus Hoyeri 1417
Johannes Wighe (Wye) 1420
Bernhard Borstelt 1422
Vicco de Hove 1431
Simon van Utrecht 1433
Hinrich Köting 1493
Thidericus Lüneborg 1443
Detlev Bremer 1447
Henricus Lopow 1451
Thidericus Gerlefstorp 1492
Henricus Lesemann 1458
Erich de Tzevena 1464
Albert Schilling 1464
Hinrich Murmester 1466
Johann Meiger 1472
Johann Huge 1478
Nicolaus de Schworen 1480
Hermann Langenbeck 1481
Henning Büring 1486
Christian Berchampe 1492
Erich von Tzeven 1499
Detlev Bremer 1499
Bartholomäus vom Rhyne 1505
Marquard vam Lo 1507–1519 [2]
Johann Spreckelsen 1512
Nicolaus Thode 1517
Thidericus Hohusen 1517
unoccupied 1519–1520 Second Mayor was Dietrich [Thidericus?] Hohusen (1517–1546)[2]
Erhard vom Holte 1520–1529 Also Gerhard vom Holte[2]
Hinrich Salsborg 1523
Johann Hülpe 1524
Johann Wetken 1529–1533 [2]
Paul Grote 1531
Albert Westede 1533–1538 [2]
Johann Rodenborg 1536
Peter von Spreckelsen 1538– 1553 [2]
Jürgen Plate 1546
Matthias Rheder 1547
Ditmar Koel 1548
Albert Hackmann 1553–1580 [2]
unoccupied 1580–1581 Second Mayor was Paul Grote (1580–1584)[2]
Lorenz Niebur 1557
Hermann Wetken 1564
Eberhard Moller 1571
Paul Grote 1580
Johann Niebur 1557 (1581–1590)[2]
Nicolaus Vögeler 1581
Joachim vom Kape 1588
Diedrich von Eitzen 1589
unoccupied 1590–1591 Second Mayor: Joachim von Kape (1588–1594)[2]
Erich von der Fechte 1591–1613 [2]
Joachim Bekendorp 1593
Diederich vom Holte 1595
Vincent Moller 1599
Eberhard Twestreng 1606
Hieronimus Vögeler 1609
unoccupied 1613–1614 Second Mayor: Hieronymus Vögeler (1609–1642)[2]
Sebastian von Bergen 1614–1623 [2]
Johann Wetken 1614
Bartholomäus Beckmann 1617
Joachim Claen 1622
Albert von Eitzen 1623
unoccupied 1623–1624
Ulrich Winkel 1624–1649 [2]
Johannes Brand 1633–1652
Bartholomäus Moller 1643
unoccupied 1649–1650 Second Mayor: Bartholomäus Moller (1643–1667)[2]
Nicolaus Jarre 1650–1678 [2]
Johann Schlebusch 1653
Peter Lütkens 1654
Wolfgang Meurer 1660
Bartholomäus Twestreng 1663
Johannes Schötteringk 1667
Johann Schulte 1668
Broderus Pauli 1670–1680
Johann Schröder 1676
Heinrich Meurer 1678–1684 (First term)[2]
Diedrich Moller 1680
Johann Schlüter 1684–1688 [2]
Joachim Lemmermann 1684
Heinrich Meurer 1686 (1688–1690) Second term[2]
Peter Lütkens 1687–1717
Johannes Schafshausen 1690–1697 [2]
Hieronimus Harticus Moller 1697
Peter von Lengerke (or Lengerks) 1697–1709 [2]
Julius Surland 1702
Gerhard Schröder 1703
Paul Paulsen 1704
Lucas von Borstel 1709–1716 [2]
Ludwig Becceler 1712
Bernhard Matfeld 1716–1720 [2]
Garlieb Sillem 1717
Hinrich Diedrich Wiese 1720–1728 (or Heinrich Dietrich Wiese)[2]
Hans Jacob Faber 1722
Johann Anderson 1723
Rütger Rulant 1728–1742 [2]
Daniel Stockfleth 1729
Martin Lucas Schele 1733
Johann H. Luis 1739
Cornelius Poppe 1741
Conrad Widow 1742–1754 (1743–1754)[2]
Nicolaus Stempeel 1743
Clemens Samuel Lipstrop 1749
Lucas von Spreckelsen 1750
Martin H. Schele 1751
Lucas Corthum 1751
Nicolaus Schuback 1759 (1754–1783)[2]
Peter Greve 1759
Vincent Rumpff 1765
Johann Schlüter 1774
Albert Schulte 1778
Frans Doormann 1780
Jacob Albrecht von Sienen 1781
Johann Anderson 1781 (1783–1790)[2]
Johann Luis 1784
Johann Adolph Poppe 1786
Martin Dorner 1788
Franz Anton Wagener 1790–1801 [2]
Daniel Lienau 1798
Peter Hinrich Widow 1800–1802
Friedrich von Graffen 1801–1810 First term[2]
Wilhelm Amsinck 1802
Johann Arnold Heise 1807
Amandus Augustus Abendroth 1811–1813[2] Not included in the Meister’s book.[3]
Friedrich von Graffen 1815–1820 Second term[2]
Christian Matthias Schröder 1816
Johann Heinrich Bartels 1820–1850
Johann Daniel Koch 1821
Martin Garlieb Sillem 1829
Amandus Augustus Abendroth 1831
Martin H. Schötteringk 1832
Christian Daniel Benecke 1835
Heinrich Kellinghusen 1842
Johann Ludwig Dammert 1843
Nicolaus Binder 1855
unoccupied 1850–1861 Second Mayor: Christian Daniel Benecke (1835–1851)
Third Mayor: Heinrich Kellinghusen (1842–1880)
Fourth Mayor: Nicolaus Binder (1855–1861)

. . . List of mayors of Hamburg . . .

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. . . List of mayors of Hamburg . . .